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CCFB News» October 2020

Ag Lit Bit"What can you get for $20?"

10/02/2020 @ 12:15 pm | By Diane Merrion

There’s not much you can get for $20 a year nowadays. As our Ag in the Classroom has been creating new programs for virtual learning, we are finding that it is a challenge to create content without a subscription or membership to enhance things beyond the basics. We suffered many defeats and celebrated some victories as we entered a new world of Google Meet (we learned we can’t be a Google Classroom), ZOOM (free doesn’t get you many bells and whistles to keep students engaged), Pear Deck (you are only free for so long), and the list goes on. Video editing tools come free or paid as we learned uploading and downloading from MOV, Mp3, and others to usable formats. As a rather thrifty individual (miser may be the more accurate word) working with a very fiscally responsible not-for-profit, I don’t want to spend unnecessarily but we do want the best resources possible for our teachers and our members.


As the school bells chimed and all returned to some form of learning this fall, we were proud to have many offerings for teachers and families and hope you, our members, will take advantage of them and share them with others. The one word that is important to know is that our educational resources are free. It is you, our members, we want to thank for supporting our Ag in the Classroom and our Foundation resources with your membership.


You could use that $20 to perhaps pay half of one month’s cell phone bill, almost one tank of gas, 1-2 months of Netflix, about two months of Amazon Prime, or one year of associate membership in the Farm Bureau. We will use that $20 to offer you, our members, a wide array of benefits including the resources to educate youth and adults on agriculture. Look at some of what we have to offer at our website under “Ag Literacy and Resources”. Thank you and consider referring a friend to join our Farm Bureau. $20 means a lot to us!


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