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CCFB News» November 2020

Ag Lit BitFlipped Education

11/02/2020 @ 12:10 pm | By Diane Merrion

First there was the flipped classroom that focused on interactive student learning that included discussions, projects, and collaboration while teachers guided student learning. Teamwork was a regular part of the school day. Our agriculture lessons could not have been more perfect for providing hands-on, interactive experiences. Having students work together as we visited was a key part of the lessons. Then came COVID and everything flipped, and we are now flip-flopping between educational models daily. Virtual, hybrid, and in-person classroom teaching platforms dominate our lives and the news. While we continue to “visit” with students, the delivery method of the program has certainly changed.


I had a conversation recently with a teacher who told me his students had been at school since the beginning of the school year and he has never seen students so thankful for being given the opportunity to attend school. Excellent behavior, student participation, and enthusiasm for learning has been the norm, he explained.


The privilege of getting an education in some way, shape, or form is on the minds of all of us. Last fall the role of many parents was getting their children to school, but things flipped this fall and while some parents are seeing their kids off to school, many more are responsible for creating a home learning environment and often helping with the teaching. This new reality will continue for some time and few will ever take education for granted any longer.


Kudos to the teachers, students and parents who are giving 100 % to make this work for all. Take time this month of Thanksgiving to thank someone who has helped you or your child learn. Whether it’s a library getting your books clean and ready for checking out, your childcare provider who is going the extra mile, or a family member who is helping you balance work and school, don’t forget to say a simple thank you. Our Thanksgiving may be flipped to a different look this year, but our thankfulness should be at its highest level ever for all the people who have given so much from educators to healthcare providers. Happy Thanksgiving.

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