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CCFB News» December 2020

Ag Lit BitStay Strong

12/03/2020 @ 3:45 pm | By Diane Merrion

Looking through the headlines that summarized 2019 you realize how fast life is passing by. The events that were chronicled surely must have happened a long time ago, not just 12 months ago. Right? Wrong.  In thirty short days a new list will be out summarizing 2020. Do we really need a list of what we have all been through in 2020? Of course, we do. Perhaps for a future history lesson or perhaps to make us realize how the strong need to help the weak as those definitions can change at the drop of a hat.


I started out the year with positive thoughts for what 2020 would hold both personally and professionally. Hopes for new travel, gatherings as the weather improved, and a plan for the summer garden. Farm Bureau events were on the calendar for some of my favorite activities including Ag Days and Summer Ag Institutes. In a few short weeks, everything changed.


Of course, we all adapted the best we could. At home and at work as we watched new heroes emerge by showing their strength. We know some of their names and some of their jobs, but many are behind the scenes doing their work without notice. We have, however, had the pleasure of working with some of our heroes, the teachers who have endured a great deal of change this year. While we have only seen a glimpse of what their daily life looks like, we felt their pain and their challenges as we tried to move to the virtual world as well. Teachers may not get acknowledged often, but we are here to say thank you. We were so moved by a note we received and echo these exact words to all of the teachers out there,


“Thank you for all you do in teaching and setting examples for our youth. It is important work!”

There will be new headlines in 2021 which will further shape us all, for better or worse. Our wishes for some simple blessings this unique holiday season. We hope you will Look and Learn with us next year.


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