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CCFB News» January 2021

County Assessor Deadline for Farmland Questionnaire/ Affidavit

01/07/2021 @ 12:55 pm


The Cook County Assessor’s office has a deadline of January 31st for filing the 2021 Cook County Farmland Questionnaire/Affidavit. Forms are available at, click Forms>Farms>Download. Filing of this form is necessary on an annual basis to maintain the farm assessment of the property that is farmed in Cook County. The Cook County Assessor’s Office annually reviews the status of all properties classified as farms in the County. If the affidavit is not provided, the county will reclassify its usage which will likely increase the assessment value and increase the tax burden as a result.


We recommend that you maintain a copy of the document for your records for future use.  The Cook County Farm Bureau does provide a notary service for members (required on the form). Please call the office at 708-354-3276 in advance to verify that Melanie or Kelli will be available to provide this service.

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