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CCFB News» June 2021

5 Things members should know about..The Members Relations Team

06/08/2021 @ 1:00 pm

5 things members should know about…The Member Relations Team


  1. The mission of the Member Relations Team is to identify and develop benefits, recruitment ideas, member communications, reward programs, membership services, events, leadership training, and related activities to enhance the CCFB membership experience.
  2. The members serving currently on the Team are a diverse group made up of farmers, agribusiness professionals, COUNTRY Financial Agency Managers, COUNTRY Financial Reps, and associate members.
  3. The Team has developed innovative programs such as the Volunteer of the Year award, the Master Member Club, Member Appreciation Week, Member Appreciation Picnic, and a host of popular programs and seminars.
  4. The Team is always looking for new membership discounts, benefits, and services that can help members save money or increase income.
  5. The Team identifies the member as the most valuable asset of the Cook County Farm Bureau.

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