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CCFB News» November 2021

Highlights of the 21st Annual Giant Pumpkin Contest and Related Events

11/11/2021 @ 8:15 am

21st Annual Giant Pumpkins, Dessert, Carving, and Local Honey Contests

Winners Circle


Giant Pumpkin Contest | Adult   1st          Karen Sanroman               854 lbs

Giant Pumpkin Contest |              2nd        Joy Homerding                  114 lbs

Giant Pumpkin Contest |              3rd         Linda Kopping                     22 lbs


Giant Pumpkin Contest | Youth  1st          Anthony Trejo                   342 lbs

Giant Pumpkin Contest |              2nd        Amelia Doorneweerd       55 lbs

Giant Pumpkin Contest |              3rd         Valerie Doorneweerd       54 lbs


Local Honey Contest                       1st          Deane Day          Sunny Day’s Honey

Local Honey Contest                       2nd        Mike Davies        Moraine Valley Honey

Local Honey Contest                       3rd         Marge Trocki      Bee Wild Honey


Pumpkin Carving Contest             1st          Mary Gavenda

Pumpkin Carving Contest             2nd        Don & Donnie Carlson


Pumpkin Dessert Contest             1st          Mary Gavenda                  Pumpkin Pecan Dessert                

Pumpkin Dessert Contest             2nd        Theresa Doorneweerd   Pumpkin Pecan Pie                         

Pumpkin Dessert Contest             3rd         Donnie Carlson                  Pumpkin Carmel Cream Muffin


Pumpkin Guess the Weight Contest        

0-6 yrs  1st   John L            runner up            Evan G

7-11       1st   Valerie D      runner up            Connor L

12-16    1st   Anthony T    runner up            Donnie C


Thank you to Puckerville Farms in Lemont for hosting the event! Current and past contest photos online at:





1st place winner, Karen Sanroman grew her very first pumpkin, weighing 854 lbs.


Honey Contest judges, Pete Soltesz and Kim Kulton, CDBA officers, evaluated entries in this blind contest.




Local beekeepers and honey contestants (left to right), Joe Miller, Deane Day, and Marge Trocki, hangout and catch up as they await the results.


CCFB Team members, Dan Biernacki, Alex Wojciechowski, and Roger Freeman taste and judge Pumpkin Dessert Contest entries, served by the delightful volunteer, Jayne Quetsch-Rohrer!




CCFB Emcee & Board Member, Gerry Kopping presents beekeeper Lori Harris with a raffle prize bag.


Board Member, Gerry Kopping presents Valerie Doorneweerd with a raffle prize bag.



(left to right) Pete Soltesz and Kim Kulton present a 1st place ribbon and check to local honey contestant, Deane Day.


Father-son duo Don and Donnie Carlson take home 2nd place Carving Contest ribbon and check, presented by Dan Biernacki.



Team member, Karen Biernacki presents a 1st place ribbon and check to local carver member, Mary Gavenda.


Team members, Gerry and Alex present a 1st place Giant Contest Adult division ribbon and check to winner, Karen Sanroman.



Local Honey Contestant Beekeepers are a close-knit group. (Left – right) Rick, Marge, Kim, Pete, Mike, Lori, Deane, Joe and John are all winners producing the best county honey!


CCFB Team member, Angelica Carmen presents Guess the Weight Youth contest winner, John, with an AITC activity bag and pumpkin to take home.

Anthony Trejo grew his 342 lb winning pumpkin from seed in his yard.


Mary Gavenda does it again with her 1st place winning Pumpkin Pecan dessert; it was delicious and enjoyed by many who attended.


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