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CCFB News» January 2022

5 Questions for Cook County Farm Bureau Manager Bob Rohrer

01/05/2022 @ 10:00 am
  • What impresses you about Cook County Farm Bureau?
    • During the buildup and celebration of the 100 years of the Cook County Farm Bureau, I was able to read and study a great portion of the history of the organization. While the agricultural footprint terms of farmer numbers and acres farmed within Cook County declined during the last 100 years, the dedication and commitment from active farmers serving as leaders has seemingly increased. We frequently hear (incorrectly) that there are no farmers in Cook County and yet the number of members that seek to volunteer and contribute to a strong agricultural future in the area has not diminished to this day. I remember the great volunteers when I first came to the County Farm Bureau in 1999 and while we have many new faces of leaders, we still have wonderful volunteers in 2021!
  • What job do you prefer to avoid?
    • As a trusting individual, the challenge organizations, businesses, and individuals are facing in the electronic world of cyber security is intimidating and a bit overwhelming to me. I’m repulsed by the nefarious efforts of criminal individuals and groups to breach, exploit, damage, and steal…I don’t understand it. If it were up to me solely to try to figure out how to properly protect the data and information that members and others entrust with us, I fear that an epic “fail” would be the result. Fortunately, Cook County Farm Bureau staff, our IT company (Isidore Group), and the expertise and resources provided by the Illinois Farm Bureau provide great skills, support, knowledge, and peace of mind.
  • When you are not working on CCFB business, what is something you like to spend time doing?
    • I (with my wife) enjoy and love many outdoor, physical activities and have been blessed with sound health to take advantage of many opportunities offered including running, biking, fishing, hiking, golfing, swimming, and more. We love to head to the mountains!
  • What is your favorite tractor?
    • I have written a column recently on this topic in which I reviewed the multitude of tractors that impacted my youth and young adulthood on the farm. If I had to choose, I would pick the John Deere 4020, although the Massey Ferguson Super 90 is a close second.
  • What did you want to be growing up?
    • I dreamed of being the next Pete Gray professional baseball player. He played major league baseball for the St. Louis Browns in 1945 after losing his right arm in a childhood accident.

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