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CCFB News» January 2022

Ag Lit BitCOVID Career Confusion

01/07/2022 @ 8:00 am


Just when we assumed COVID would be long gone by January 2022, we started a new year with more challenges ahead.

Every aspect of our lives is now different and the new normal is a phrase that had its time. Each day is our normal and career changes and options continue to unfold throughout all industries as the headlines demonstrate:


‘The great reimagination of work’: Why 50% of workers want to make a career change’ {CNBC-Make it, online 10/2021}


‘Nearly a third of U.S. workers under 40 considered changing careers during the pandemic’ {Washington Post online 8/2021}


‘Why Millions of Employees Plan To Switch Jobs Post-Pandemic’ {Forbes online 5/2021}


‘Covid-19 Was a Wake-Up Call, Leading Many to Make Lifestyle and Career Changes’ {Wall Street Journal online 4/2021}


Adults are changing careers and seeking new fields of endeavor at the same time high school and college graduates are examining the same possibilities. While this is unfolding, interest in agriculture education and careers has never been higher as the pandemic brought to light the importance of agriculture locally and globally. The challenging part for youth and adults is the lack of understanding of just what careers are available within agriculture.


A new Illinois Ag in the Classroom Careers Ag Mag has just been released and is now available to schools and educators in Illinois. While it is technically “an agricultural magazine for kids”, it is perfect for all ages as it provides a snapshot into what opportunities are available in seven ag sectors: Plant Science, Animal Science, Natural Resources, Agriculture Business, Environmental Sciences, Ag Mechanics, and Food Science. “Our careers Ag Mag is designed to spur interest and showcase the wide variety of Ag careers available,” stated Kevin Daugherty, Director of Illinois Center for Agricultural Engagement. “COVID taught us that food, supply chain, transportation, and environmental issues all play a role in career choices, and we show that these and many other careers have deep roots and opportunities in agriculture.”


Whether you’re a child or an adult who is confused about career options, agriculture has a lot to offer.

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