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CCFB News» April 2022

Board of Directors Develops Implementation Strategy to Meet Goals, Objectives

04/06/2022 @ 3:45 pm

The Cook County Farm Bureau Board of Directors, during their March board meeting, approved actions from the February board strategic planning day including the activation of a new Volunteer Management System. The plan will be similar to a human resources approach to recruiting, on boarding, training, engaging, recognizing and rewarding and providing feedback for volunteers. The plan recognizes that there are various levels of engagement by members serving as volunteers and all are in important part of the organization’s effort and progress.


The board reviewed its Goals and Objectives for the organization. Action items for each of the above goals and objectives were identified and approved to help the organization achieve each.


  • Recruit and retain all types of voting (M & PM) and associate members to reverse the net loss trend of membership within the organization through regular contact, engagement, enhanced communications, broadened appeal and delivery of membership benefits/services.


  • Increase farm income opportunities for all farmers and farm related businesses, traditional and specialty, in the Cook County area.


  • Represent the farmer and farmland owner interests through Farm Bureau policy at the local, regional, state and national government level and communicate policies and issues to members.


  • Seek to build trust and knowledge with consumers, educators, and students through farm and food facts, information, public relations activities, charitable support and ag literacy educational efforts.


  • Renew and maintain relationship building efforts with County and other local elected officials and offices.


Internal Board action items were also developed related to evaluate effectiveness in achieving mission, goals and objectives, review of organization’s investment policy/strategy to ensure future financial stability, evaluation of the organization’s technology for effective Farm Bureau communications, programming and delivery of services, increase involvement within the organization through implementation of the Volunteer Management System and review leadership succession plan.


The Board of Directors reviewed and approved an organizational Diversity and Inclusion statement: “At Our Table, All Are Welcome”.

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