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CCFB News» May 2022

Farm Shadow focuses on Horticulture

05/05/2022 @ 1:45 pm

Our Ag Literacy Team was pleased to host 30 students over two days for a farm shadow program at Ted’s Greenhouse in Tinley Park. Horticulturist Greg Stack shared his vast knowledge of the industry as he provided a behind the scenes look at the jobs that are involved in a production greenhouse. Students were given pre-work questions on horticulture scenarios to answer prior to the visit that were developed by Mr. Stack such as, “Today, greenhouse soils or medium are ‘constructed’ using a variety of materials, soil not one of them. What are some of the materials used to ‘build’ growing medium for greenhouse use?”


After a walkthrough of the operation, students were divided into groups to get a closer look at one of three aspects of the work areas that included: seeding (how it is done in a commercial greenhouse), herb production (including how to produce a saleable crop), and vegetative crop production.


“It was an amazing experience, and I am very grateful for it. Going to Ted’s Greenhouse actually solidified my future plans,” shared one high school senior who will attend UW-Madison and major in Biological Systems Engineering with a minor in Plant Studies.


Our thanks to the Cook County Farm Bureau Foundation and Compeer Financial for providing funding for our Farm Shadow Program that allows high school students the opportunity to experience agriculture careers and to Ted’s Greenhouse in Tinley Park and their amazing team including Greg, Tilly, and Steve.



Greg Stack shows students the components that make up the different soil “recipes” used at Ted’s Greenhouse.


The herb area of the greenhouse provided a sensory experience to rub and smell a wide variety of interesting herbs such as Pineapple Mint and Banana Mint.


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