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CCFB News» October 2022

5 Questions for Jill Drover Ag in the Classroom Assistant

10/05/2022 @ 11:00 am

What impresses you about Cook County Farm Bureau? That there is a farm bureau in Cook County! I became a member after taking a backyard chicken class at the farm bureau office. My $20 annual membership included the monthly Co-Operator, and I answered an ad for the Ag in the Classroom assistant; eight happy years later I am constantly amazed by all we offer members.


What is your favorite job within the Cook County Farm Bureau? I like all aspects of my Ag in the Classroom assistant job at the farm bureau, but my favorite has been building relationships with Cook County educators. I look forward to long-time teachers calling each fall to schedule since it’s like catching up with old friends.


When you are not working on CCFB business, what is something you like to spend time doing? Anything outdoors. My husband, Jeff, and I enjoy archery, hunting, kayaking, hiking, camping, and fishing and the best part is sharing my love of the outdoors with the ones I love most, my family. I am looking forward to instilling my love for the outdoors in my new grandson, Colton.


What is your favorite food? Hands down pizza! I could eat pizza for every meal, such a versatile food. And as our There’s Ag on MyPlate program teaches, it can contain all the sections of the USDA MyPlate: grains, dairy, protein, vegetables, and even fruit as tomatoes are technically a fruit.


What is your favorite tractor? I am fascinated by all farm machinery, but the combine amazes me. It is such a complex piece of machinery; I am in awe every time I see one in operation. We have been known to pull over on country roads just to watch them in action. That being said, I am team green all the way!


What did you want to be growing up? Growing up I wanted to be a nurse and mother. One out of two isn’t bad! I have been blessed with two amazing sons: Joe is a high school educator and Jon is an ag mechanic. Looks like I followed their lead and love being in ag education.

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