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CCFB News» October 2022

Members Engage on Priority Issues

10/10/2022 @ 11:35 am

Cook County Farm Bureau® routinely engages in action on priority legislative issues.


We appreciate those members who engaged in 75% or more of action requests including:


Board Members

Dan Biernacki

James Bloomstrand

Roger Freeman

Jim Gutzmer

Pat Horcher

Gerry Kopping

Janet McCabe

Todd Price

Mike Rauch

Mark Yunker


Governmental Affairs Committee Members

Cindy Gustafson

Kim Morton



Marilyn Barengo

Karen Biernacki

Karen Gutzmer

Joseph Rojek

Kevin Snow

Doug Yunker


Staff Members

Bob Rohrer

Bona Heinsohn

Debbie Voltz


Recent priority legislative issues include changes to the Waters of the U.S., responsible use of Atrazine, and the Inflation Reduction Act.

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