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CCFB News» February 2023

Downwind"What is your superpwer?"

02/01/2023 @ 9:00 am | By Bob Rohrer, Manager


I have watched some of the Marvel and DC movies. These movies feature superheroes with amazing abilities. Wouldn’t it be fun to have blistering speed, tremendous strength, spidey sense, magic, ability to breathe underwater, or amazing gadgets. Unfortunately, I’m afraid one of those “gifts” would probably be wasted on me.


What is my superpower…Deleting emails? Not answering the calls of telemarketers? Toilet plunger (my wife tries to claim this one)? Powerful stuff right there! Sure, I can pack a car with unmatched tightness and efficiency…so what?


Everybody is good at something, right? Some people are so good at things, it seems like they have a superpower! Physical skills, mental skills, communication skills, leadership skills and more can seem superhuman… Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Michael Jordan, Lao-tzu, Moses, George Washington, Martin Luther King, Babe Ruth, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and others come to mind. These people seemed to have superpowers when it counted.


Growing up on the farm, my parents had a few superpowers.


One of my Dad’s superpowers is that he can fix, repair, operate, weld, design, and fabricate nearly anything on the farm. Even the pile of equipment that I broke. I still shake my head in amazement.


One of my mom’s many superpowers is that she creates beautiful quilts out of random cloth that most people would toss out.


Both parents seemed to have a superpower of knowing when I was doing something that I wasn't supposed to do. Spooky!


Has there been a farmer superhero? Mr. Greenjeans? Johnny Appleseed? The cast of Green Acres? Old McDonald?


How about Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Norman Borlaug and his battle to end world hunger. Borlaug was an agronomist who worked extensively to increase food production in countries struggling to feed their people including Pakistan, India and other Asian countries, Mexico, as well as countries in Africa. Superhero!


Farmers as a group could be considered “superheroes”. For 12,000 years, farmers have produced food, fiber and fuel which serves as the basis for society. Rather than hunting and gathering, farming was invented, allowing others to branch out to specialize in other types of work. Farmers became masters of agriculture, horticulture, and animal science. Superheroes.


Farmer superheroes can grow abundant and nutritious food in fertile soils and environments or even inhospitable conditions including rocky regions, deserts, and flooded areas.


Today’s farmers are currently showing their superpowers in the fight against climate change. They are producing more with less using science and technology. Their efforts include energy efficiencies, cover crops, nutrient management, soil health and control, water quality, emission reductions, and carbon sequestration.


And just think how farmers bring people together… Around the dining table, restaurants, clothing stores, events, markets, gas stations, greenhouses, bars, sports and yes, the Farm Bureau!


The world needs some superheroes today. I submit Farmers. Farmer superheroes are only missing a cool name. The names “Wonder Woman” and “Superman” are taken. How about Tomator? The Harvester? Ms. Protein? The Feederator? Jewel? Hydroponicsman? The Community? Foodsystem? The Greenthumb?


I’ll keep working on it.

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