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CCFB News» March 2023

5 Questions for Ruth Zeldenrust, CCFB Secretary/ Treasurer

03/09/2023 @ 9:05 am

What is your favorite responsibility within the Cook County Farm Bureau?


My favorite responsibility is going to Board and Team Meetings. It’s an honor and true pleasure to serve with so many dedicated people that care about agriculture and each other. Cook County Farm Bureau is my “home away from home” and the members and staff are my extended family. Each person at the Farm Bureau has their own niche of expertise.


What impresses you about the CCFB staff?


What impresses me about the staff at CCFB and all the way to the Illinois Farm Bureau is that there is only excellence in every task, every day, all the time. Everyone is consistently doing their best – and nothing is done halfway. Cook County Farm Bureau has the best and friendliest staff on the planet.


What is a memory stamped into your mind from your involvement with Cook County Farm Bureau?


I’ve been with the Farm Bureau since I was in college. Some of my fondest memories have been talking to legislators that come to visit our farm. They are always so interested to know that there are family farms in Cook County. Some of my favorite memories are during spring planting both in the greenhouse and in the field. It’s such a great time of coming together. The weather has changed, and everyone is happy, working together, eating meals outside, being tired and dirty, laughing, maybe some yelling, but mostly the teamwork involved in making a family farm run every year. It makes me smile.


What is your favorite food?


Pizza. Pizza. Oh, and more pizza! My standard is sausage/pepperoni, and new favorite is ham and pineapple. Also love taco pizza, veggie pizza, and deep dish. (Only from Chicago, of course)


When you are not working on farming and Farm Bureau related business, what is something you like to spend time doing?


In my spare time I like beekeeping and going bowhunting for elk with my husband. Probably neither are very relaxing. However, we also love fishing as well.

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