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CCFB News» May 2023

Five Questions with Jim Bloomstrand

05/04/2023 @ 2:30 pm

What is your favorite responsibility within the Cook County Farm Bureau?

I enjoy being a part of the Agriculture in the Classroom program, which I've participated in for over two decades. It is very satisfying sharing the importance of agriculture with students who lack the opportunity to experience it on their own. I also enjoy chairing the Member Relations Team, and developing new programs, ones that will benefit our membership. I feel it is an honor to serve as a board member.


What is a favorite farm or food memory?

Working alongside my dad, especially during corn harvest, and putting up hay on a sunny, hot day. This usually included eating lunch in the field, and sometimes sitting on the running board of our old IH pickup.


When you are not working on Farming and Farm Bureau related business, what is something you like to spend time doing?

Travel. In the summer: a leisurely drive, down the backroads of the Midwest, in an automobile over a hundred years old – and doing so with like-minded friends. In the winter: visiting faraway places, by cruise ship. On rainy days: working on vintage cars, as well as farm equipment.


What is your favorite tractor?

My favorite tractors are green; most that I prefer are green and white, but I also like green and yellow. I started driving on an Oliver 550 but gained interest in John Deere from visiting my grandpa at his JD dealership; I especially like the harvest equipment.


What did you want to be growing up?

This is the easiest question, as I only ever wanted to be a farmer on our family farm. Dad had other ideas for me, so I earned an Agricultural Engineering degree, and ended up working for the Allis Chalmers tractor company for several years, before returning to farm with my dad.

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