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CCFB News» September 2023

Five Questions with Todd Price, CCFB Board Member

09/06/2023 @ 11:30 am

What is your favorite tractor?

I have two favorites.  The first is the Fordson.  It was made in the early 1920’s and for $750 made tractors affordable enough to be practical on the farm.  It is so much fun to start up and drive.  My other favorite is the John Deere 4020.  I remember riding on the fender with my grandfather as a kid.  It had such a space age look to the design and when you start it, the beast roars to life.  In my current farming operation, I still use a 4020 regularly.


What is your favorite farm or food memory?

One memory that is so strong I can still smell and taste it is fall supper in the field during harvest.  Because the work couldn’t stop, every night mom would bring food to all the guys in the field.  When she pulled in, we would head over to the rig.  There were so many funning stories shared over that amazing food. 


What is a memory stamped into your mind from your involvement with Cook County Farm Bureau?

For generations my family has been involved in the Farm Bureau however, I am the first to serve on the board.  One memory that has stayed with me is when I went to my first Illinois Farm Bureau Annual meeting.  Some of the topics that Cook County members had shared with our local board were actually being discussed at the regional and then state level.  “Grass roots organization” is something a lot of groups claim but it really is the case with Farm Bureau.  Issues that impact the local farmer have a direct path to being addressed at the local, state, and national level.  When there are so few engaged in actual farming it is nice to know they have an advocate that is there to lend support. 


What is your favorite responsibility within the Cook County Farm Bureau?

One of the opportunities we have is to volunteer to work with the Ag in the Classroom team and offer Ag Days.  There is usually one offered on the south part of the county and one on the north.  Getting to teach students about the food system is a highlight.  I have a lot of fun with their great questions and thoughts on what they think farming is and farmers do.  One of the most overused clichés, “milk doesn’t come from the store, it comes from a cow”.  If we don’t take the responsibility to tell that story and how farmers take good care of their livestock and farmland no one else will. 

As a follow up- a lot of the teachers have their classes write thank you notes to us for doing the program.  It is a hoot to see what resonated with the kids and the crayon pictures of their favorite parts of the program. 


What is the most important reason members should join the Cook County Farm Bureau?

I think the most important reason for people to consider joining the Farm Bureau is to support the wide-ranging efforts that the organization tackles.  From interviewing local political candidates to providing college scholarships, there is a lot more to Farm Bureau than just what happens at the farm gate.  Membership in the Farm Bureau allows you to take advantage of discounts at local businesses and take part in activities all over the county.   By supporting Cook County Farm Bureau, you are honestly helping our local farmers have voice.  So, on behalf of the staff and board, thank you for being a member and please consider renewing when it comes time.  It really does make a difference to have your support. 

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