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CCFB News» September 2023

Manifolds, Manolos, and Manure

Fair season has come to an end for our house. The animals are back home. The show box is supposed to be cleaned and tucked away. And the truck has been cleaned out.


For us, our luck held. Weather was perfect. Fair food caused only slight stomach upset. And our blue-eyed girl’s prized cow Red Carpet Apple Crsip-Red-ET or “Crsip” returned to the show ring. “Crsip” is a granddaughter of KHW Regiment Apple-Red. In the dairy industry, “Apple” was truly a legendary cow in both the show ring and in milk production. For our family, “Crsip” represents the beginning of our blue-eyed girl’s passion for dairy nutrition and genetics.


“Crsip” like her granddam, dam, and siblings, brought home hardware. Standing first as a registered junior three-year-old, “Crsip” along with her first daughter, “Alamode” walked their way to top dam and daughter.


As a spring yearling, “Alamode” stood second behind our big-little boy’s big red girl, “Burrito.” “Alamode” unlike “Burrito” is not an early bloomer. Instead, she’s thick with too heavy of legs. “Burrito” on the other hand is tall. Deep chested. And walks on a great set of legs. She spent her final weeks before fair remembering that she’s a nine-year-old’s yearling and should not communicate through head butting.


On the note of not communicating through head butting, “Alamode” walked her way to Reserve Grand Champion Intermediate Showmanship. With her showman in tow, “Alamode” set up her legs. Kept her head up high. And stood when she was supposed to. To say she’s a pro would be an understatement. “Alamode” stood first in showmanship last year.


Our final red and white calf was Red Carpet A Covenant-Red-ET or “Sunset” used her height and rear legs to her advantage to glide her way to a first-place finish in her class.


Speaking of gliding, our blue-eyed girl’s spring registered Swiss calf Acclaimed Woody Journey ETV or “Doby the house elf” pranced her way to a first-place finish in her class followed by being named Registered All Other Breeds Calf Champion. This little calf was a struggle. She refused to eat. Loves a good stomach bug. And flops on her side when she doesn’t want to walk somewhere. To say she’s one of our favorites is an understatement.


“Doby’s” pasture mate “Sprinkled Donut” defied everyone’s expectations. She’s a spring calf with a heart of gold. All legs. Spots. And curiosity. The key to her is to remember that she’s a nine-year-old’s calf and prefers lots of cuddles. Treats. And little boy germs.


“Donut”, with our big-little boy in tow, won Grade All Other Breeds Calf Champion and Reserve Grand Champion. A dairyman from Pennsylvania was disappointed to learn that “Donut” isn’t registered and is not for sale.


With another fair in the books, we want nothing more than our two kids to want to milk the cows. Drive the tractors. Farm. Just like their dad, grandfather, and great grandfather before them.

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