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CCFB News» December 2023

Five Questions with Mark Yunker, CCFB Board Member

12/05/2023 @ 11:30 am

What is a memory stamped into your mind from your involvement with Cook County Farm Bureau?

The memory stamped in my mind is every year when fellow board member, Mike Rauch, and I would attend the Agriculture in the Classroom Ag Days and teach the 4th grade students about agriculture.  It’s always such a fun day.


Why do you think that the Cook County Farm Bureau is important to your farming profession?

The Cook County Farm Bureau helps the public recognize and value the importance of agriculture. The CCFB informs people about the ag industry and the myths of agriculture.


What is your favorite food?

Corn! Sweet corn, popcorn…. anything corn!


What is your favorite tractor?

Allis Chalmers D17


What did you want to be growing up?

I always wanted to be a farmer, it’s part of my family. My grandfather was a farmer, my dad was a farmer, I am a farmer, and even my son is a farmer. There are 7 generations of farmers.


What is a favorite farm memory?

On my farm I’ve always had kids help with baling hay, etc. It is so great to watch them grow up and see where they are today in their lives. One of my favorite stories is when I was in the field with a young worker and the look he gave me when I picked and ate a piece of sweet corn right off the stalk.


“My mom said if you eat raw corn, you’ll get worms!”, He said.


I will never forget that to this day, and no, I did not get worms.


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