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CCFB News» February 2024

Planting Seeds“Setting New Goals”

02/06/2024 @ 8:30 am | By Katrina Milton, Director of Ag Literacy

Each January, I try not to set a new year’s resolution because of the high likelihood of failing. According to Time Magazine, 80% of people fail to keep up their new year's resolutions by February. Rather than set a goal that will probably fail, I decided a new approach: do something new each month.


In January, I achieved that goal by purchasing an instrument I have always wanted to learn how to play: the banjo. My grandfather played the banjo and harmonica, and I have always loved the twangy, happy sounds of the instrument. I bought a used banjo that came with a carrying case, how-to books, and finger picks, and I purchased an instrument stand, music stand, floral strap, and tuner online. In my spare time, I have been reading books and watching YouTube videos to learn how to play, and with a little more practice, I hope to have my living room sounding like a Cracker Barrel in no time!


In February, I plan on reading more, and I joined two book clubs: Cook County Farm Bureau’s “A Taste of Generation YUM!” and Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom’s “Sharing Books Talking Science”. In addition to learning new information that will help with work, I love learning new facts and trivia. I also hope to network and meet new people who share similar interests.


March will be all about green – microgreens that is. Our AITC program will host a virtual microgreens PDCH workshop for educators on March 21, and we will send early edition microgreens kits to the teachers that attend. The workshop’s guest speaker will be microgreens expert and Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom Education Manager Chris Wyant. Cook County educators will be able to request a free microgreens kit for their classrooms starting in April.


That’s already 1/4 of the year! Setting small obtainable goals is something fun and adventurous we can all do, whether it’s learning how to play a new instrument, reading new books, or growing something new. It’s never too late to learn or try something new or to set new goals.

Good luck with your new goals! Tell me all about them via email at [email protected].


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