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CCFB News» March 2024

Manifolds, Manolos, and Manure

The Cook County Farm Bureau Political Action Committee officially came to be in 2009 with the first election in 2010. Since the 2010 election, the PAC has endorsed over 60 candidates. Some Democrats. Some Republicans. Some independents. Not all were incumbents.


The purpose of the PAC is:

  • To promote the economic and social well-being of farmers and agricultural related interests in Cook County through political involvement.
  • To promote the personal and financial involvement of Farm Bureau members in the electoral process, without regard to party affiliation.
  • To encourage Farm Bureau members to understand the nature and actions of their government, with regards to important political issues as well as the records of officeholders and candidates for elective office.
  • To support candidates in primary and general elections for state and local elective office who are supportive of the policies, priorities and mission of the Cook County Farm Bureau.

For the 2024 Primary Election, members of the PAC Governance Committee interviewed candidates for State’s Attorney, Clerk of the Circuit Court, and Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. Interview length, setting, and questions were kept consistent between candidates. After nine hours of interviews and several hours of discussion, Governance Committee members made endorsements and determined contributions. They’ll repeat the process again in the fall before the general election.


This spring, Governance Committee members interviewed candidates for Metropolitan Water Reclamation District six-year term and the unexpired term of now State Representative Kimberly duBuclet.


For the six-year terms Governance Committee members again went with MWRD President Kari Steele. Steele’s knowledge and experience with the District makes her an unparalleled candidate.


Six years ago, the PAC opted not to endorse Marcelino Garcia. This spring Governance Committee members were impressed with Garcia’s tenure as Finance Chair, knowledge of the financial side of the District and his familiarity with the procurement process.


Sharon Waller ran unsuccessfully for MWRD in 2022. In 2022, the Governance Committee endorsed Waller. Waller is a water engineer, a licensed professional environmental engineer, and a small business owner with over 30 years of experience. Her knowledge would be an asset for the District.


In 2022, Governance Committee members opted to endorse Chakena Perry over Daniel Pogorzelski citing her experience with the District and passion for waste water management. Members were disappointed when she didn’t win but have built a relationship with Pogorzelski. For Cook County Farm Bureau Political Action Committee its Kari Steele, Marcelino Garcia and Sharon Waller.


Two years ago, Governance Committee members interviewed Precious Brady-Davis for MWRD. They were impressed with her poise, candor, and reasons for seeking office. Although she was unsuccessful in her race, Brady-Davis was later appointed to fill the remaining term of now-State Representative DuBuclet. Since her appointment, she has been an advocate for the District and has immersed herself in learning her new role. For the unexpired MWRD term it’s Precious Brady-Davis.


Four years ago, Governance Committee members spent four hours interviewing candidates for Clerk of the Circuit Court. At that time, members opted for attorney Jacob Meister who had ran unsuccessfully against Dorothy Brown the prior election. This round, Clerk Iris Martinez has earned additional time to clean up an office that was left in a state of disarray by her predecessor. For Cook County Farm Bureau PAC its Iris Martinez.


Perhaps the most contentious race of this season is the race to replace State’s Attorney Kim Foxx who has opted not to seek re-election after a tumultuous two terms. Governance Committee members were impressed with both Clayton Harris III and Eileen O’Neill Burke. Both candidates recognized that the relationship between police officers and the State’s Attorney’s office had suffered during the prior administration and that steps were needed to rebuild trust and a working relationship. Candidates differ with their approach to retail theft – an on-going concern of business owners. For Cook County Farm Bureau Political Action Committee its Eileen O’Neill.


Governance Committee members spent over nine hours digging into candidates. Voting takes far less time. On March 19 remember to cast your ballot.

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