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CCFB News» May 2024

Ask a Master GardenerSpring Inquiries

05/02/2024 @ 1:30 pm

Linda S emailed:

 “Just wondering if you can tell me what this weed is called?”

U of I Extension Master Gardener Coordinator Response:

“ You have Lamium purpureum, commonly referred to as Purple Dead Nettle. Here are some good resources with further information on this plant:”


Benjamin N from Chicago called/emailed:

“What is the best type of garlic to grow in the Chicago area on a half-acre garden, as well as what type of garlic is the most profitable to grow for sale?”


U of I Extension Master Gardener Coordinator Response:

Garlic is an excellent plant to grow. Here are some informational articles and a video on growing garlic in Illinois:


This information is about commercially growing garlic in Washington state, but has some deeper info about cultural practices, dealing with weeds, diseases, etc.  that may be good to consider:


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