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Member Appreciation Week

Thank you to all who entered!





Catch Some Rays Gift

Jonathan Rooy


2 AMC Movie Tickets

Pam Mulvaney


1 Year Free Membership

Richard Schultz

Byung-In Seo





Dinner & A Movie Gift

Deborah Holmes


1 Sample Soil Kit

Marylyn Wouda


1 Year Free Membership

Linda Teegan

Steve Larocque




Cyber Shopping on Us Gift

Bianca Taylor


CCFB Swag Bag

Edward Casper


1 Year Free Membership

Chris Posta

Jane McCague






Dirt Fun Gift

Cam & George Frigo


Delta Sonic Car Wash

Darren Selock


1 Year Free Membership

Joseph Crowther

Tara Miksik




DIY Time Gift

Gwendolyn Czupryn


Home Run Inn Gift Card

Samuel Paul


1 Year Free Membership

Shirley Lausted

Robert & Janice Konow



Thank you to all those that entered. YOU, THE MEMBER, ARE OUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET at the Cook County Farm Bureau. Thank you for your support!!













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