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Board of Directors

Dan BiernackiCCFB Board Member

What impresses you about the Cook County Farm Bureau? The professionalism and true concern for the members and their benefits.

What impresses you about the CCFB Members? How diverse they are yet still come together for one goal - benefiting agriculture.

What impresses you about the CCFB Board of Directors and the Team? Its can do attitude and willingness to dig in and get things done. The fact that everyone truly work together as a cohesive TEAM.

What impresses you about the Staff? Their dedication a drive to work together.

What is your favorite responsibility within the Cook County Farm Bureau? Reviewing scholarships for the foundation and getting a glimpse of the "future" of Agriculture.

Why do you think that the Cook County Farm Bureau is important to your farming profession? It is one voice that speaks for and represents our vast industry and our values to all the citizens and government officials in our county with pride and integrity.

What is a memory stamped into your mind from your involvement with Cook County Farm Bureau? Interviewing candidates for elected office with PAC (Political Action Committee).

What responsibility do you prefer to avoid? Mandated census and questionnaires. And vacuuming LOL.

What is a favorite farm or food memory? Picking an entire truckload of cabbage, getting the truck stuck in the field, finally getting home and then making ALL of it into Sauerkraut with my dad and friends.

When you are not working on Farming and Farm Bureau related business, what is something you like to spend time doing? Anything to do with water: boating, fishing, snorkeling, swimming, or just relaxing by the beach.

What is your favorite food? Anyone who knows me know the answer is FOOD, but if I have to choose just one, Sweet corn.

What is your favorite tractor? Being a small acreage farmer, and liking things that are a little unconventional, Allis Chalmers G. I have two of them and we still use them.

What did you want to be growing up? I grew up actively working on the ‘farm’ (greenhouse) and in high school wanted to pursue Graphic Arts. After a summer away from the ‘farm’, I realized how much I loved it and returned.

What is the most interesting question you have received about Farm Bureau? It’s the age old “ Are there any farms in Cook County and what does farm bureau do?”

What is the most important reason members should join the Cook County Farm Bureau? To support our mission but selfishly they should join for all the amazing benefits….over 302,000!!!!


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