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Soil Testing

Several years ago, the Cook County Farm Bureau® developed a soil testing program to fill a need of area gardeners and homeowners. We were frequently receiving phone calls from these individuals asking for "places" that conduct soil tests. After struggling to answer this question, we decided that this was an area that we needed to fill as an organization.

Mayflower Tours

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Cook County Farm Bureau® and Partners Raise Cash and Food Donations for Local Food Pantries

Together with partners, Cook County Farm Bureau® donated much needed food staples to four Cook County food pantries in early 2023. Donations were raised in celebration of Food Checkout Day. Food Checkout Day celebrates the healthy and nutritious food local farmers grow and raise by providing food or cash donations to people in need.

In light of the tremendous pressure created by inflation, Cook County Farm Bureau matched members’ monetary donations. Over $10,000 was donated to local Cook County pantries in celebration of Food Checkout Day this year and the healthy and nutritious food grown and raised by local farmers. The donations directly benefited the one in seven individuals in Cook County who are hungry.

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