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CCFB News» January 2024

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AFBF Delegates Approve Cook County’s Policy Submittal on Food Waste

01/30/2024 @ 4:10 pm

All of Illinois Farm Bureau’s policy submittals- including Cook County Farm Bureau’s food waste policy submittal was approved at the American Farm Bureau Federation delegate session- a testament to the time and effort put into the proposals at the county and state levels.

About a dozen resolutions were brought forth by IFB, which was represented by 19 voting delegates AFBF Annual Convention in Salt Lake City. Several proposals fell under the umbrella of food access, safety and waste, supporting ways to turn non-consumed food into a resource through composting and reducing the regulatory constraints for on-farm materials, urban food scraps and processing facilities.

Farm Bureau Establishes 2024 National Priorities

01/29/2024 @ 1:40 pm

Farm Bill Focus on gaining the passage of a five-year Farm Bill before the current temporary Farm Bill expires in September 2024. A concerted effort will be to seek its passage in the first quarter of the year. This effort will include:

Farm Bureau Leaders set State Legislative Priorities

01/29/2024 @ 1:25 pm

The Farm Bureau Board of Directors established the 2024 State Legislative Priorities at the December Board Meeting.

IFB launches Urban Growers Cohort

01/29/2024 @ 12:09 pm | By ERIN M. HENKEL FarmWeek

Illinois Farm Bureau is hoping to connect urban producers with the agricultural community across the state by creating an Urban Growers Cohort and investing $1.2 million in community gardens.

IFB will be entering into a three-year partnership with USDA and Natural Resources Conservation Service to build connections and prevent growers from being “siloed.”

“There’s programs everywhere, there’s nonprofits that are doing all sorts of things, but people didn’t feel like everyone knew how to connect, not just within Chicago but across the entire state,” said Raghela Scavuzzo, IFB associate director of food systems development.

Chicago farmer, veteran honored for inspiration

01/29/2024 @ 12:04 pm | By Phyllis Coulter, Farmweek

A retired Marine, who turned a patch of contaminated Chicago dirt into a place to grow beautiful sunflowers, was named the 2024 Illinois Farmer Veteran of the Year.

Steve Archer was called inspirational at the Farmer Veteran Coalition of Illinois annual meeting at the Everything Local Conference in Springfield Jan. 17. The annual event was organized and sponsored by the Illinois Specialty Growers Association, Illinois Farm Bureau and the Illinois Farmers Market Association.

Planting Seeds

“Winter Wonderland”
01/05/2024 @ 2:30 pm | By Katrina Milton, Director of Ag Literacy

As a child, I loved winter. I loved making snowmen and snow angels, sledding, having snow days off from school, drinking hot chocolate, and wearing the crocheted scarves my grandma made for me. I loved running around in the snow with my St. Bernard, complaining when my mom called us inside from playing for too long out in the cold.

CCFB impacts 2023 Illinois Farm Bureau Annual Meeting

01/05/2024 @ 1:30 pm

Cook County Farm Bureau is coming off of a very successful year that culminated in the Illinois Farm Bureau Annual Meeting held December 2-4 in Chicago. During the meeting, Cook County Farm Bureau leaders were involved in many ways and received several awards and recognitions.

2024 Foundation Scholarship Applications Now Being Accepted

01/05/2024 @ 11:40 am

The Cook County Farm Bureau Foundation has several opportunities for those who are pursuing careers in the following fields: plant science, animal science, agricultural business, agricultural mechanics, food science, diesel mechanics, ag-related education, technology, mental health, and more!

CCFB Volunteer of the Year

01/05/2024 @ 11:20 am

Rick Johnson was presented the Volunteer of the Year by President Janet McCabe as a result of his participation and leadership provided through the Commodities and Marketing Team.

Manifolds, Manolos, and Manure

I scoff at making resolutions and have shared that sentiment numerous times. Perhaps it’s even a well-known fact about me. In January of 2023, this column stated I didn’t make resolutions this New Year. I didn’t follow through with them in 2022. And in January of 2022 it was even more blunt. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I scoff at the idea of making champagne laden promises of exercise. Budgeting. Dieting. Or personal improvement. Instead, I opt for sarcasm.

Mater Member Club 2023

01/04/2024 @ 2:00 pm

Karen Biernacki, Gerry Kopping, Dan Biernacki, and Janet McCabe were re-inducted into the Cook County Farm Bureau Master Member Club for 2023.

Cook County Farm Bureau 2023 Year in Review

01/04/2024 @ 11:15 am

The year 2023 featured plenty of “moments and headlines” for members and the organization. The Cook County Farm Bureau is proud to have provided another year full of service in 2023 to members. Here’s a brief recap of some the best highlights…

At the Farm Gate

Farms prep for next busy season
01/04/2024 @ 8:00 am | By Joanie Stiers

We hadn’t started changing oil in the tractors, backhoe nor skid steer yet, and our 15-year-old expressed concern. I explained that his favorite, after-school activity in the farm shop was on hold until after the two weekends of extended-family Christmas parties that cleared the space and prompted a deep clean for a holiday potluck, gift opening and gymnasium-style fun on the farm.

Cook County Farm Bureau® to Support Cook County Families and Food Pantries as Part of Food Checkout Day 2024

01/03/2024 @ 1:30 pm

In celebration of the healthy and nutritious food grown and raised by local farmers, Cook County Farm Bureau® members and partners are supporting local families and food pantries.

Recipe of the Month

01/03/2024 @ 11:30 am

Mike O’Brien, Summit


"The plan, and born in a barn"
01/03/2024 @ 8:30 am | By Bob Rohrer, CCFB Manager

“The plan and born in a barn”
As we enter 2024, I thought I would share some details regarding our plan for the Co-Operator publication throughout the year. It remains our goal to continue providing the publication in two different formats: hard copy sent to you through the United States Postal Service and electronic version sent to you to your electronic mailbox using the wonders of the internet. The electronic version should land near the first of the month. The hardcopy should land in your mailbox around the first week of the month if all the various pieces come together and the USPS cooperates. There are a lot of moving parts!

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