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CCFB News» February 2023

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Family Farm and Food Bytes

02/10/2023 @ 2:55 pm

Partnership Aims to Provide Farmer Veterans Greater Market Access - While the Homegrown by Heroes label continues to gain attention, a partnership with Food Market Maker is helping increase market access for farmer veterans.

Cook County Farm Bureau Foundation Fundraiser

"Raffle for Agriculture Education"
02/10/2023 @ 11:10 am

Join the Friends of the Cook County Farm Bureau Foundation in support of the 2023 raffle to fund ag career related scholarships, Ag in the Classroom programming, an internship, and ag experiences for area youth in urban areas of Chicagoland. The event will culminate with a live virtual, online drawing on Wednesday, June 14th, 2023. See details on the event landing page at

Farm Bureau Leaders Attend National Meeting

02/09/2023 @ 10:15 am

Cook County Farm Bureau® Directors joined Farm Bureau members from throughout the country at this year’s American Farm Bureau Federation® Annual Meeting.  Members celebrated the heritage of Farm Bureau and grassroots engagement during the Celebration of Grassroots Reception prior to previewing the trade show and County Activity of Excellence booths.

AFBF Delegates Adopt Cook County Farm Bureau Policy on Food Access

02/09/2023 @ 9:00 am

Voting delegates at American Farm Bureau Federation's 2023 Annual Meeting adopted nearly a dozen new policies- including measures on food security- submitted by Illinois Farm Bureau- and more specifically Cook County Farm Bureau’s members.

Taxes in Illinois What's Behind a Property Tax Bill?

02/08/2023 @ 1:45 pm

Behind a tax bill is a nearly two-year cycle that determines the amount of property taxes you owe. This cycle begins with the assessment of your property. A tax year is the year of the assessment and reflects the assessed value of real property as of January 1. The actual taxes owed are then paid the following year.

Manifolds, Manolos, and Manure

02/08/2023 @ 9:00 am | By Bona Heinsohn, CAE

Earlier this year, Farm Bureau leaders from throughout Illinois discussed and approved Farm Bureau’s 2023 State Legislative Priorities. Priorities are based off of Farm Bureau policies. Policies are recommended by members through Farm Bureau’s grassroots policy process.

Ag Day 2023

02/07/2023 @ 3:30 pm

Third grade classes are invited to attend Ag Day 2023, held at two locations this year.

Planting Seeds

Although I don’t have the biggest, sweet tooth, I do enjoy candy every now and again. My favorite candy is chocolate-covered gummy bears.

Candy has become a sweet tradition for many holidays throughout the year: trick-or-treating for Halloween, cakes and cupcakes for birthdays, chocolate bunnies, jellybeans, and Peeps for Easter, and candy canes for Christmas. To learn more about how chocolate became a Valentine’s Day tradition, read this month’s Ag Adventure page.

AFBF Delegates Adopt Cook County Farm Bureau Policy on Food Access

02/06/2023 @ 2:25 pm

Voting delegates at American Farm Bureau Federation's 2023 Annual Meeting adopted nearly a dozen new policies- including measures on food security- submitted by Illinois Farm Bureau- and more specifically Cook County Farm Bureau’s members.

Pop-Up Solar Farm Shows Promise for Increasing Profitability, Energy Independence

02/06/2023 @ 9:30 am | By Carrie Steinweg, Special Feature Writer

A company in Cook County was recently named a semi-finalist in the 2023 Ag Innovation Challenge by the American Farm Bureau Federation® and Farm Credit, a national business competition that showcases U.S. startups developing innovative solutions that address challenges facing America’s farmers, ranchers and rural communities. TrackerSled, which is based in Oak Park and is a Cook County Farm Bureau® member, introduced a prefabricated, onsite assembly pop-up solar farm called the SunFarmor at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Annual Convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico in January where final award winners were announced.

Other "Stuff" from the World of Agriculture

02/03/2023 @ 3:45 pm

Agriculture Leadership Training program: The Illinois Agricultural Leadership Foundation, an agricultural leadership program based in Bloomington Illinois, is accepting applications for its class of 2025. The application deadline is February 28.

Agri-tourism Tax Credit available for '22 tax year

02/03/2023 @ 11:30 am

Members who have a business that fits into the definition of agri-tourism may qualify for a tax credit for the taxable year beginning on or after January 1, 2022 and ending on or before December 31, 2022.

CookFresh Community Urban Garden Grant Program

02/03/2023 @ 8:00 am

Supplemental funding to community gardens to be used for plantings, seeds, garden supplies and materials, in Cook County.

At The Farm Gate

We are the 96% Families dominate Illinois Farms
02/02/2023 @ 11:30 am | By Joanie Stiers

My mental pauses on the farm often arrive at sunrise, sunset and the moments when family is most accentuated on the farm. Harvest brings those experiences together: My dad and brother run the combines. My son and I operate the tractors with grain auger carts. A long-time employee who watched me grow up on the farm hauls grain, as does his son, a cousin and a local truck driver, all who now watch my kids grow up on the farm.

2023 Foundation Scholarship Apps Now Being Accepted

02/02/2023 @ 8:15 am

The Cook County Farm Bureau Foundation has opened the 25th Annual “Farm and Food” Agricultural Scholarship Program. The Foundation offers college students who are pursuing an ag-related career the opportunity to start or continue their higher education with a scholarship. Last year, the Foundation provided six scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 each.

Cook County Farm Bureau to Support Cook County Families and Food Pantries as Part of Food Checkout Day 2023

02/01/2023 @ 2:25 pm

In celebration of the healthy and nutritious food grown and raised by local farmers, Cook County Farm Bureau® members and partners are supporting local families and food pantries.

Recipe of the Month

Party Time Pasta
02/01/2023 @ 11:25 am

Recipe printed with permission from member, U of I Extension Building Healthier Families Calendar


"What is your superpwer?"
02/01/2023 @ 9:00 am | By Bob Rohrer, Manager

I have watched some of the Marvel and DC movies. These movies feature superheroes with amazing abilities. Wouldn’t it be fun to have blistering speed, tremendous strength, spidey sense, magic, ability to breathe underwater, or amazing gadgets. Unfortunately, I’m afraid one of those “gifts” would probably be wasted on me.

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